Vocational Education Training



Learn to become a songwriter, and gain understanding of copyright laws, perform gigs, train for sound production and/or  music management – all under the one roof.  Specialise in your area of interest while at the same time learning about and getting an appreciation for the industry as a whole.  Meet like minded musos from the region where you will have the option to network, form bands, do recordings and perform at gigs.  Do the work, meet the standards and obtain a nationally accredited Certificate of Music.  Treat your Certificate as a ticket to ride in the Music Industry – which will help take you where you want to go.  Your training will provide you with a solid background with the required skills and knowledge necessary in today’s widely varied industry.

Industry training packages are a key feature of vocational education and training in Australia. They are part of the National Training Framework (NTF) which has established a national focus for vocational education and training. The aim of the NTF is to ensure that training and assessment arrangements are flexible, consistent, relevant and of high quality.

The music industry training package:

  • Has been developed by industry, for industry
  • Permits many different ways of learning
  • Provides many pathways to competence and a national qualification
  • Provides a national framework for training and assessment
  • Gives workplaces and industry bodies more scope to be involved in establishing and providing training


VET is Vocational Education Training . In the music industry it means providing you with necessary skills and knowledge to help you find employment or as a pathway to further studies.