Music Industry Training

A music industry training course with the Southern College of Music will provide you with adequate employability skills to set you on your life path. Our course is delivered and assessed by actual musicians. People who have worked in the industry on many levels, who know the ups and the downs and can share their real life experiences with you. It is the traditional master and apprentice in a modern musical setting. We know what it is to be a working musician, someone who may be lucky enough to land their “dream job” or, like most of us someone who may juggle 2 or 3 jobs in order to create the one package.

Gaining employment in the music industry means being creative in many ways. There is no denying it is a difficult journey but you can have a successful career by working hard at your craft and never giving up the dream. The future is in your hands.

Some of the career paths in the music industry are:

  • Performance. Performance includes everything from playing in band to
  • band player in all styles and genres
  • composer
  • songwriter

Specific roles in the industry:

Music is involved in nearly all areas of the Creative Industries. A career may be established in:

Recording Artist

Music Teacher

Music Journalist



Music Director

Musical Theatre

Orchestral Performer


Music Programmer

Music Publisher


Music Therapist

Touring Musician

Licensing Agent

Music Academic

Booking Agent

Tour Promoter

Instrument Technician

Copyright Specialist

Royalty Expert


E-Marketing Music Consultant

Resident Musician