Certificates in Music

The Southern College of Music has been delivering certificates in music for the last eight years. During this time our course delivery and assessment has been fine tuned into the finest music education available in Bunbury.

Our course embraces the concept of flexible learning with students enjoying an active learning environment. Traditional school based classrooms are out the window with our modern approach to learning that recognises and nurtures individual learning styles. Classroom contact is limited to small groups of 5 with de Bono’s 6 thinking hats used exclusively.

Our course has been developed by obtaining valuable feedback from students over considerable time. As a result your training has been primarily designed by students and their invaluable feedback.

Some of the important facets of the music industry you will learn about include:

  • Performance – learn your instrument and maybe a second one. Learn to effectively jam and write good songs with a variety of groups.
  • Technology – learn about the latest in recording techniques and media. Write and record an original demo.
  • Business – learn about the business of music from people who are actual music business professionals direct from the source and not in some simulated classroom environment.

The certificates we deliver are:

CUA30109 Certificate III in Music – Performance

CUA40109 Certificate IV in Music – Performance

CUA40109 Certificate IV in Music – Sound Production

You will be working with music industry professionals including head lecturer and CEO Ian Kirk who has had more than 25 years as an industry professional. Ian will be your primary source for music theory and music in business. He is also your course co-ordinator and is the “go to” person for all of your needs.

Nat Marshall is our Production Manager and will be taking students through the intricacies of the recording process.

David Nolan is a SAE graduate and has been actively working in the music industry both in Perth and Bunbury for several decades. David is our music technology guru and will be guiding students in electronic music as well as effective recording techniques.

During the course of the year we invite industry professionals to give workshops at the school. This year we will have Jose Horn from APRA, Lucy Peach singer/songwriter (Nominated for WAM song of the year 2016), ex student Steve Hensby lecturer at Leederville TAFE Music Department and consummate musician. As well as this we will be taking a day tour to Castle Rock in Rockingham and Sonic Lolly in Margaret River.