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Introducing Senior Music Lecturer: Ian Kirk

Ian’s musical career began at the age of 14 back in 1966 when he was a young teenager experiencing the “British Invasion” and learning guitar by ear with his mates, scratching numerous 45’s in the process. Ian kept alive his passion for music and learning the guitar by studying classical guitar for a decade till he “rediscovered” his rock roots and joined and performed in numerous bands playing both bass and electric guitar. With experience in the recording studio and touring regularly it wasn’t until 1989 that an opportunity arose to take over a guitar teaching studio here in Bunbury. While still performing regularly Ian began sharing his acquired skills and knowledge with a new breed of guitarist who were now experiencing heavy metal and grunge. His studio in Wittenoom Street soon expanded to include instrument teaching other than guitar and the idea of a school of music flourished. Students began forming bands and doing gigs around the region just like they are still doing.

This holistic approach formed the basic philosophy of Ian’s education strategy and came to fruition when he and his wife Louise formed the “Rock ‘n Roll High School” in 1995.

His interest in VET in Music began during this period whilst teaching guitar at the Bunbury Regional Prison. His then CEO, the late Mary-Anne McPhee and he implemented a program of Certificates in Music which became a benchmark for prisons throughout WA. This experience allowed him to successfully involve the Rock ‘n Roll High School in VET education with the formation of the Southern College of Music.

Ian is dedicated to nurturing young musicians in their musical dream and he and his talented team will give you the aspiring musician every opportunity to fulfill this.

“it furthers one to persevere”